Monday, November 25, 2013

Discussion: The arctic low moves out of the Northeast as temperatures will begin to warm up to around 55. However, things will not stay calm for long as an approaching cut-off low coming from the Southeast brings warm wet weather Tuesday evening into Wednesday afternoon. The rain is though expected to continue until the early evening which could become hazardous for the major holiday commute. Temperatures are expected to fall back to normal Thursday afternoon.
Monday AfternoonMonday Evening
Sunny but chilly. High of 36°F. Winds light and variable.Overcast and calm. Low of 30°F.
TuesdayTuesday Night WednesdayWednesday Night
Cloudy and warmer. High of 47°F. Winds light and variable. Moderate and localized heavy rain throughout the night. Low of 50°F. Winds SSE @ 30 - 35 mph with gusts to 40. Rain expected to last until the early evening. High of 59°F. Heavy SSE winds at 35 mph will turn W @ around 7pm. Clear but much colder. Low of 28°F. Winds W @ 20 - 25 mph.

Forecaster: Kyle Carpenter

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