Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday's Forecast

Discussion: Hurricane Sandy is expected to make landfall over southern NJ this evening. This will lead to strong damaging winds, heavy rainfall, and significant coastal flooding continuing into Tuesday. As the center of the storm heads inland into Pennsylvania and gradually weakens, the rain will become lighter in intensity and winds will die down by late Tuesday.

High Wind Warning / Coastal Flood Warning / Flood Watch in effect until late Tuesday

Monday AfternoonMonday Night
Very windy with rain, heavy at times. High 63°F.
Very windy with rain, heavy at times. Low 55°F.


Tuesday Night


Wednesday Night
Windy with rain. High 59°F.
Mostly cloudy with showers.
Low 49°F.
Mostly cloudy with showers. High 54°F.
Mostly cloudy. Low 46°F.

Forecaster: William Stramaitis

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