Friday, February 28, 2014

Saturday's Forecast

Discussion: Temperatures remain chilly throughout the weekend. A high pressure system is over the area Saturday with a low pressure system moving into the area Sunday night into Monday morning, bringing about some snow, which currently has some uncertainty for the amounts, potentially accumulating to over 8 inches.

SaturdaySaturday Night
High of 33°F. Partly cloudy. Light southerly winds.Low of 30°F. Partly cloudy. Light southwesterly winds.
SundaySunday Night MondayMonday Night
High of 40°F. Cloudy during the day. Low of 22°F. Snow beginning in the evening, potentially reaching over 8 inches. High of 25°F. Snow ending in the late morning. Low of 11°F. Mostly cloudy.

Forecaster: Jessica Quickle

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