Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturday's Forecast

Discussion: As a low pressure system pushes out our current high pressure system, it will bring high temperatures in the 40's and precipitation, scheduled to hit our region Sunday evening. The precipitation will persist overnight into Monday. We could possibly see some snow during this time, as temperatures will be right around freezing, but the rising temperatures on Monday will turn the precipitation into rain.

SaturdaySaturday Night
High of 40°F. Partly cloudy all day with winds around 10 mph.Low of 24°F. Mostly overcast with light winds.
SundaySunday Night MondayMonday Night
High of 37°F. Overcast throughout the day with light winds around 5 mph. Low of 32°F. Rain throughout the night. High of 48°F. Rainy through the morning. Low of 35°F. Cloudy. Winds around 10 mph.

Forecaster: Jessica Quickle

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