Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday's Forecast

Discussion: A very dry and warm rest of the week is in store for us here at Stony Brook! The cold air will be leaving the area, leaving room for warm air to raise temperatures by approximately 15 degrees! This will give campus the fall feel its been missing lately due to the arctic front invasion from earlier this week.
        Wednesday   Wednesday Night

    Sunny with a high of 38°. Winds NW at 15-20mph.
Clear skies with a low of 30°. Winds WSW at 10-20mph.
      Thursday      Thursday Night         Friday        Friday Night

Sunny with a high of 51°. Winds WSW at 15-20mph.
Mostly clear skies with a low of 35°. Winds SW at 10-20mph. Cloudy with a high of 55°. Winds SW at 5-10mph.
Cloudy with a low of 38°. Winds SW at 5-10mph.

Forecaster: Breanna Zavadoff

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