Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday's Forecast

Discussion: A high pressure system will cover the area for the next couple of days bringing with it warmer weather and dry skies. Starting tomorrow night a low pressure system will be entering our area bringing with it rain and gusty winds. Once the low passes through our area it will become dry again, but the cold weather will return.

         Wednesday     Wednesday Night

Mostly cloudy skies. High near 64°. Slight chance of rain (20%). Winds SW at 5 to 10mph.
Partly cloudy skies. Low near 48°. Slight chance of rain (20%). Winds S at 5 to 10mph.
      Thursday      Thursday Night       Friday      Friday Night

Cloudy with high near 65°. Slight chance of rain (20%). Winds S at 15 to 25mph.
Cloudy with rain showers throughout the night. Low near 60°. Gusty winds from the S at 25 to 35mph.
Rain persistent during the day. High near 67°. Gusty winds at times from the SSW at 25 to 35mph.
Partly cloudy skies. Lowe near 49°. Slight chance of rain (10%). Winds W at 5 - 10mph.

Forecaster: Breanna Zavadoff

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