Thursday, November 29, 2012

Friday Morning Forecast

Discussion: A fluctuating, relatively weak zone of high pressure along with alternating cold and warm fronts passing through the area over the next few days will be causing some uncertain weather, with mostly clear skies and high probabilities of precipitation playing a polite game of leapfrog.
FridayFriday Night
Mostly sunny, clouds increasing during the day. High: 43F.Cloudy, with a chance of rain. Low: 37F.
SaturdaySaturday Night SundaySunday Night
Cloudy, chance of rain increased. High: 47F. Cloudy, slight chance of rain. Low: 41F. Mostly sunny. High: 56F. Mostly cloudy, chance of showers. Low: 46F.

Forecaster: Chana Tilevitz

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