Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday Afternoon

Discussion:High pressure system leaving the area. A warm front will pass through tonight into tomorrow, followed by a cold front tomorrow into tomorrow night, so some rain should be expected over the next day and a half. Early next week, another high pressure system should be moving in, leading to clear skies for the first few days.
ThursdayThursday Night
Mostly sunny. High: 66F.60% chance of showers. Low: 54F.
FridayFriday Night SaturdaySaturday Night
Showers likely. High: 65F. Showers slightly less likely, chance of a thunderstorm. Low: 53F. Chance of showers, partly sunny. High: 66F. Mostly clear. Low: 45F.

Forecaster: Chana Tilevitz

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